Essentials is a comprehensive daily supplement system formulated by healthcare experts using evidence-based dosing. Formulated with over 48 herbs, vitamins, minerals, and functional mushrooms condensed into only 12 tablets, capsules, soft gels, and 2 chewable gummies, Essentials provides perimenopausal symptom relief, disease prevention, and supports long-term brain health.

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Start your day with Inhale, our enteric-coated tablets packed with herbs, vitamins, and minerals that boost energy, reduce inflammation, burn fat, and enhance brain function.*


Enhance softgels are packed with a unique blend of high-dose Omega-3 fish oils and essential fat-soluble vitamins. They promote heart and brain function, improve mood, enhance skin health, strengthen bones, and support various body mechanisms.*


Bloom, a sugar-free, lemon-soda flavored gummy that boasts a blend of 7 functional mushrooms which supercharge the immune system, boost energy, reduce inflammation, and enhance brain and digestive function.*


Flow, a midday adaptogenic supplement, supports brain function, regulates energy and blood sugar, boosts immunity, and helps your body cope with stressors. Flow is also enteric-coated for maximum absorption.*


Flourish, a proprietary probiotic blend, improves gut health, digestion, and nutrient absorption, leading to overall well-being, and prevention of chronic illnesses.*


End your day with Exhale, a sleep aid that relaxes the body and mind, enhances immune function, and restores brain function through muscle relaxation and sleep cycle reset.*

Inhale Enhance Bloom Flow Flourish Exhale
Manages Blood Pressure*
Protects Heart*
Reduces Heart Disease Risk Factors*
Clears Alzheimer’s Related Amyloid Plaques*
Crosses Blood-Brain Barrier*
Improves Focus/ Concentration*
Increases Brain Cell Production*
Increases Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)*
Improves Cognitive Performance*
Improves Memory*
Improves Sleep Quality/ Decreases Insomnia*
Protects the Brain*
Reduces Brain Inflammation*
Reduces Neurological Disease Risk Factors*
Reduces Stress and Anxiety*
Helps Regulate Mood*
Improves Bone Health*
Promotes Muscle Relaxation*
Reduces Pain*
Dermatological & Tissue Repair
Aids with Body Tissue Repair*
Improves Eye Health*
Improves Hair*
Improves Skin*
Protects Organs and Tissues from Chemical Stress*
Reduces Cancer Growth/Risk*
Regenerates Nerve Cells*
Improves Digestion*
Improves Iron Absorption*
Necessary for Optimal Gut Function*
Optimizes Gut Health for Disease Prevention*
Prevents Absorption of Bad Bacteria*
Reduces Stomach Sensitivity*
Repopulates Healthy Gut Microbiome*
Energy & Cellular Metabolism
Aids in DNA Repair*
Balances Blood Sugars*
Boosts Metabolism*
Enhances Athletic Performance*
Helps Balance Metabolic Syndrome*
Improves Cellular Function*
Improves Cholesterol*
Increases Energy*
Protects Against Chronic Inflammation*
Immune Function
Boosts immune system
Reduces Risk of Autoimmune Diseases*
Hormone Regulation
Boosts Testosterone*
Regulates Sleep/Wake Cycle*
Provides Thyroid Support*
Weight Management*